Top 5 Ways To Thrive Living in Another Country

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

1. Ask Questions

Are you supposed to be a mute? Sometimes it is best but other times it is best to ask questions. Do not judge immediately. Stay flexible.

Jirisan, Jeollanamdo, South Korea

2. Say Yes and Be Open

You are in a new country and probably don't have friends or family. This is the perfect opportunity to say Yes to anything and everything. No obligations except for work. You have the opportunity to see a new culture and be fully immersed. Take that opportunity to say yes to invitations to Korean restaurants and trips to random islands.

3. Realize You Will Never Fully Understand

It is impossible to understand exactly why some things happen and impossible to identify cultural trends and the way individuals act a certain way. We can all make guesses and we can all generalize but we will never fully understand because everything changes. Situations change. People go against their values and the way they do things because we are all human. Culture changes. Culture evolves. Throw away your inability to understand perfectly.

4. Shut up

The way you view life, your experiences, and what is "right" may be extremely different than what others may think or believe. You may believe eating a dog is the most cruel and inhuman act in the world. You very well may be right, but if you come to another country and prejudge this with your experiences, mind, and upbringing then it will make for a very poor experience for you. Nobody likes a know-it-all. Especially when the know-it-all doesn't take the time to fully understand the landscape.

5. Dive Deep Into Personal Development

Like I said before, you will have the opportunity to craft your days the way you want outside of work. Say yes to everything in the beginning but make time for yourself and really dive into those moments that you will be able to reflect on experiences you are going through. You probably won't be able to fully realize the changes that are happening in real time but journaling, meditating, or talking with friends back home will allow you to reflect real-time on your life living abroad.

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