3 Years in South Korea...4th Year Coming...

Updated: May 17, 2019

  • Big Takeaways from Each Year

  • What is Ahead for Year 4

  • Basically a Note to Self

First year

Who the hell knows. I came here fully wanting and expecting culture shock and wanted a completely new experience. Definitely came here with a beginners mind and played the stupid foreigners role to perfection, because well, I was a foreigner who knew nothing! That didn't mean I played ignorant; just was. I asked a decent amount of questions and tried never to judge what Koreans did. However, for the most of the time I kept quiet and observed.

Life Advice to self: 1. Ask Questions 2. Don't Judge 3. Observe

Biggest takeaway from year 1: Western society is ME ME ME. I I I. I am the hero and heroine of this life movie. Of course I probably would of said I understood that a few years ago but did I really? It is interesting that my writing has me cringe every time I write "I." Maybe that is how I found myself in South Korea. The relationship with I and the self.

Where did I teach?

Somehow, I ended up in Jinhae, South Korea which was perfect for me. It was a small coastal city that allowed me to gain a totally new life experience. I taught at two middle schools. Unfortunately, after the first month I knew that I had to change schools at the end of the year. My middle school was losing funding but I would have to transfer to an elementary school.

Second Year

I really tried to dive in and become an actual teacher after really just bouncing around not knowing anything about teaching. I came from an Economics degree and a brief stint in the world of procurement before South Korea.

Where did I teach?

I taught at a high school and the students were amazing(all things considered). If you are familiar with the Korean school system then you know how difficult it is. From the time commitment to the competition.

Biggest Takeaway: There absolutely is something called trying too hard with teaching. Especially, when you are trying so hard without the skills. I wasn't trained to teach English except for a 3 month online course which was good but being launched into the real experience is much more valuable for learning. Also, teaching with middle school and high school kids have many differences as well.

How did I find myself at 제사?! A Korean traditional ceremony for honoring the dead. (coming soon)

Third Year

Thought it had potential to be my last year so I really wanted to enjoy it. That is exactly what I did. Took off my critical view of my performance in the classroom and didn’t try to take ownership of 30 students becoming fluent in English, as much. I wouldn't recommend thinking like that; however at the time I was feeling it. I put the focus more on just having fun and things began to flow a lot more.

Biggest Takeaway: "Life is Performance"

During my 3rd Vipassana 10 day journey I sat behind this guy.

3rd time but 1st time volunteering

Fourth Year

Which brings us to our present day situation. I am in the end of the first month of my fourth contract in the public school system in South Korea. Who would of known this would be my life? Not me.


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